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    Welcome to the community for those interested in the supernatural and paranormal. Here you can discuss everything from hauntings to mystics to cryptozoology. Hey, it's a bit of everything.
    1. Keep post on topic to this community
    2. You may post pictures, but if you have more than one, or a really large picture, they should go beneath an lj-cut.
    3. If you do post a picture, make sure it is your own or that you have permission to do so. Any violators of copyright laws will see their post deleated and may be banned.
    4. Please fix your own mistakes. Nobody likes broken images or links. Any misplaced or duplicate posts will be deleated.
    5. If you would like to promote your paranormal/supernatural/similar community that's fine, but please only post once. Other post will
    be removed.
    6. Please don't bash other members in this community or elsewhere. I'd like for this to stay a friendly environment.

    If anybody is interested in becoming a moderator, please e-mail me explaining why and what you think you contribute.