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help indentifying creatures

I figure this is my last real chance to find some closure to this issue.

I have been posting on this website for quite some time and have been trying desperately to document all occurences of these "things" that i am now seeing on an almost daily basis.

I can't sleep anymore. To date, I haven't really slept since January of this year.

I began posting my everyday thoughts but decided it was better used to keep my mental health in check.
I haven't found anyone yet who has come into contact with these things and am still search for a cure or at least for someone to believe me.

currently im somewhere in alabama and have been traveling down south because i picked up a rumor of someone
who could see them too down here.

Heres what i know about them:
they dont like the light. sunlight. artificial light does not affect them

they dress in heavy clothes (overcoats, winter jackets, rags) and always cover they faces somehow
ive seen some with oversized hats, large glasses, and fake beards.

you know they are near because they have a strong metallic odor. it permeates through their clothing and invades the area around them like a plague.

they appear middle sized but it is only to high their height. they are in fact quite tall and when running take large strides while remaining completely upright.
i have been able to outrun them so far. mind you im no athelete and it is getting harder and harder to avoid them

their breathing is labored and sounds wet. almost like their lu8ngs are constantly filled with some fluid.

i dont know what they intend to do or how long theyve been around.
all i can tell you is if they are aware that you are aware, they will find you.

please please help me. i dont know who else to contact.

- simon
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